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July 18, 2018: Please note that due to privacy restrictions, we opt not to upload the city and state information on our database.  We have sent an email to our members asking them to update the restriction based on their preferences and the information they opt to share.  Thank you.

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Name Credentials Affiliation City, State MS Certified Specialist? IOMSRT Member?
Sarah Kaye Whiteman PharmD, RPH, MSCS , Yes  No
Sarah Lynn Whiteside M.P.T. , Yes  No
Maura  Whittaker BSc, PT FES Mobililty Ld , No Yes 
Anna Li Whittenburg MSCS , Yes  No
Barbara A WIble PTA, MSCS , Yes  No
Abigail  Wiggins PharmD, MPH, MSCS University of Tennessee Medical Center Knoxville , Yes  No
Kaia Michele Wiley MSCS , Yes  No
Sara E. Wilhite MPT , Yes  No
Jocelyn Paige Wilke NP, MSN, RN, APNP-BC, MSCS , Yes  No
Joyce  Williams LCSW , Yes  No
Roger S. Williams , Yes  No
Millie  Williams , No Yes 
Katrina Louise Williams University of Queensland / Upright Physiotherapy Brisbane, QLD No  No
Joy  Williams PT, DPT Kaiser Permanente , No Yes 
Sandra P. Williamson , Yes  No
Kelly A Winkel MSCS , Yes  No
Roberta A Winter , Yes  No
Kreiger Drek Wolfgang MSCS Mediclinic City Hospital , Yes  No
Marsha S. Wong , Yes  No
Jeanna B Wong PharmD, MSCS , Yes  No
Betty A Woodard RN, MS, MSCS Kootenai Health , Yes  No
Meisty Petroneta Woodburn MSCS , Yes  No
Elizabeth M. Woods PT DPT CKTP International MS Management Practice , Yes Yes 
Christina  Wueste , Yes  No
Annette  Wundes HD , Yes  No
April Marian Xayavong SPT, MSCS Univ of North Carolina , Yes Yes 
Kendra Lin Yale PA-C , Yes  No
Noreen Keiko Yamamoto COTA , Yes  No
Jennifer  Yenser , Yes  No