Furnishing and Billing E-Visits: Addressing Your Questions

Recent waivers by CMS that allow for limited digital communication with patients have triggered a wave of questions. Here are our answers to the ones we hear most often. APTA is receiving many questions about the recent regulatory waivers announced by CMS related to digital communication between providers and patients, particularly regarding e-visits and the [...]

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NARCOMS NOW: Balance and Fall Prevention

This issue of NARCOMS Now spotlights some current research on falls and fall prevention in people with multiple sclerosis (MS). While we focus on a study of falls among people using wheeled devices, fall prevention is relevant to anyone, especially people with health issues that affect mobility and balance. Click here to read the publication.

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A Practical Guide to Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis

A multi-dimensional, comprehensive care approach is advocated to promote positive outcomes for individuals with MS, and rehabilitation is an integral part of comprehensive MS care. There is a documented need for improvements in rehabilitative services, including incorporation of standardized measures for the evaluation and ongoing assessment of persons with MS, increased awareness for the signs and symptoms of a change in patient status, and a need for patient engagement in identification of rehabilitation goals and treatment strategies.

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Home-based physical telerehabilitation in patients with multiple sclerosis

J Rehabil Res Dev. 2008;45(9):1361-73. Home-based physical telerehabilitation in patients with multiple sclerosis: a pilot study. Finkelstein J, Lapshin O, Castro H, Cha E, Provance PG. Multiple Sclerosis Center of Excellence, Baltimore Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Baltimore, MD, USA. Abstract This study assessed feasibility and patient acceptance and estimated the magnitude of […]

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