Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity: Take Control

This video was created with support from the Paralyzed Veterans of America Education Foundation. Funding was provided by Medtronic, Inc. with an unrestricted educational grant to the PVA. The PVA supported development of the Spasticity Management in MS clinical practice guideline. The PVA has also provided support for training and occupational therapist in evaluation and treatment of MS since 1999.

Part 1 – Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity: Take Control

  • Introduction (Susan Dobrof; Dennis Bourdette, MD)
  • Stretching for MS spasticity (Cinda L. Hugos, MS, PT)
  • Exercise for MS spasticity
  • Daily activities for MS spasticity (Lois F. Copperman, PhD, OTR; David S. Nail)

Part 2 – Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity: Take Control

  • Quality of life: Keeping life meaningful
  • Other health promotion strategies: Finding what works for you (Colin McCrudden)
  • Oral medications for MS spasticity (Jodie K. Haselkorn, MD, MPH)
  • ITB Therapy (SM) for severe MS spasticity (Linnae Angerinos)

Part 3 – Multiple Sclerosis Spasticity: Take Control

  • Long-term use of ITB Therapy (SM) (Brenda Hayden)
  • BOTOX (R) for severe localized MS spasticity
  • Taking control of MS spasticity
  • Conclusion
To see the Evaluation and Management of Spasticity in Multiple Sclerosis video please visit our archive