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July 18, 2018: Please note that due to privacy restrictions, we opt not to upload the city and state information on our database.  We have sent an email to our members asking them to update the restriction based on their preferences and the information they opt to share.  Thank you.

Member Search Form
Name Credentials Affiliation City, State MS Certified Specialist? IOMSRT Member?
Gregory T. Bjorklund , Yes  No
Jennifer E. Blackford DOCTOR OF PT , Yes  No
Patricia  Bobryk MHS, PT, ATP Orlando Health MS Center , Yes Yes 
Jason Gregory Bodner Registered Pharmaci , Yes  No
Kathy A. Bolstorff PT St. David’s Rehabilitation Center , Yes Yes 
Ulrike  Bott , Yes  No
Allison Lee Boyd MPAS, PA-C , Yes  No
Allison Lee Boyd , Yes  No
Stefanie Wolfe Boyer M.S., CCC-SLP , Yes  No
Lucille A. Boyle , Yes  No
Donna Lee Bradley PT Neurology Center of New England Foxboro, MA Yes  No
Shannon E. Brady , Yes  No
David W Brandes MS MD FAAN , Yes  No
Stephanie N. Breland , Yes  No
Kimberly A. Brennan , Yes  No
Terri  Brewen MA MSCS , Yes  No
Susan M. Brignull RN , Yes  No
Ladonna D. Brinson , Yes  No
Rebecca A. Brockmann , Yes  No
Lacey E Bromley PT, DPT, NCS, MSCS Bennett Rehab Institution , Yes Yes 
Andrew D. Brown , Yes  No
Jamie M. Brown , Yes  No
Sandra L. Brunham , Yes  No
Gregory Andrei Brusola PT, DPT, PhD (c,) MSCS TIRR / Memorial Hermann , Yes Yes 
Cordula  Buether , Yes  No
Vera  Bukonja , Yes  No
Barbara A. Burk , Yes  No
Christina A Burke PT, DPT, NCS, MSCS Stony Brook University and Comprehensive Multiple Sclerosis Care Center at South Shore Neurologic Associates, P.C. , Yes Yes 
Alexander R Burnham MS, CCC-SLP, MSCS The Boston Home Boston, MA Yes  No