2012/2013 Rehab Fellows

The IOMSRT would like to recognize those candidates selected and the sites chosen to be part of the Rehab Fellowship.

Mellen Center for MS Treatment & Research-Cleveland Clinic
Diana Bazzarelli, PT (Dumont, NJ)
Kacie Birkmeyer, Student (Phoenix, AZ)
Amanda Curto, Student (Duluth, MN)
Hina Garg, PT, PhD candidate 2014 (Salt Lake City, UT)

Optimus Program-University of Calgary MS Program
Valerie Block, PT, BSc (San Diego, CA)
Benita Le Morvan, OT (Prince George, BC Canada)
Kimberly Quan, MS, OT (New Westminster, BC Canada)
Anthony Testin, Student (Joliet, IL)

Shepherd Center, Multiple Sclerosis Institute, Atlanta, GA
Kari Thompson, PT, DPT (Fargo, ND)
Christine Thrift, PT (Greenville, RI)
Christopher Vitolo, DPT, PT (Miami, FL)
Sarah Wargo, DPT (Hartford, CT)

FCMSC MS Rehabilitation Fellows are supported by an FCMSC grant from Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.