2012 Abstracts

Rehabilitation Abstracts from the 2012 CMSC Annual Meeting

  • RH01 – Mentally Simulated Motor Actions in Neurorehabilitation: A New Protocol for Patients with Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH02 – Effects of a Physical Therapy Reference for Neurologists Treating Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH03 – Physical Therapy, A Part of a Multidisciplinary Team for People with Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH04 – Comparison of Actigraph Accelerometers in Persons with MS and Healthy Controls (poster)
  • RH05 – Two Conditions of Administering the Six-Minute Walk in Persons with MS (poster)
  • RH06 – Effects of a Fall Prevention Initiative on Falls During Outpatient Visits in an MS Center (poster)
  • RH07 – The Effects of a 6-Minute Endurance Walk on Selected Gait Characteristics in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH08 – Newly Diagnosed Clinic: Emerging Model in MS Care (poster)
  • RH09 – Activity Based Rehabilitation May Preserve Function in Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH10 – Impact of a Hip Flexion Assist Device on Gait Performance in MS (poster)
  • RH11 – Agreement Between Self-Report and Clinician-Administered EDSS Scores (poster)
  • RH12 – Validity and Sensitivity of Spatiotemporal Parameters of Gait in MS (poster)
  • RH13 – People with Multiple Sclerosis Show Improved Gait with Balance-Based Torso Weighting (poster)
  • RH14 – Berg Balance Scale Scores in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis are Different in Fatigued vs. Non-Fatigued Conditions (poster)
  • RH15 – Validation of Self-Reported Balance and Mobility Measures in Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH16 – Validation of an Abbreviated Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale in Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH17 – Walking Impairment and Gait Variability in Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH18 – Whole Limb Vibration Facilitates Magnetic Evoked Potential (MEP) Response (poster)
  • RH19 – Targeted Lower Extremity Joint Training Effects on Gait Abnormalities (poster)
  • RH20 – Evaluation of a Multiple Sclerosis Educational Track for Physical Therapy Students (poster)
  • RH21 – Associations Between a Measurement of Upper Limb Function and the Expanded Disability Status Scale in Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH22 – Qualitative Needs Assessment of People with Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH23 – Employment Needs of People with Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH24 – Psychometric Properties of Three Depression Scales in People with Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH25 – Exploring Unmet Needs in MS: Who Needs What? (poster)
  • RH26 – The Multiple Sclerosis Self-Management Scale: Psychometric Testing (poster)
  • RH27 – Weight Status and Disability in Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH28 – Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale-12 Scores and Gait Parameters (poster)
  • RH29 – Neurotronics Walkaide in MS Patients (poster)
  • RH30 – Predicting Community Participation in Adults with Multiple Sclerosis
  • RH31 – Dual Task Mobilty and Falls Risk in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH32 – The Path to Work in People with Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH33 – Tracking Instrumented Gait and Balance in Multiple Sclerosis Over 18 Months (poster)
  • RH34 – The Effects of Strength Training Protocols on Fatigue, Strength and Quality of Life in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (poster)
  • RH35 – Physical Activity, Self-Efficacy, and Health-Related Quality of Life In Persons with Multiple Sclerosis: Analysis of Change Over One Year (poster)
  • RH36 – A Comparison of Balance Training in Multiple Sclerosis: Conventional Training vs. Nintendo® Wii Fit™ Game Play (poster)
  • RH37 – Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis: A Healthcare Provider Perspective (poster)
  • RH38 – Validation of the Six Spot Step Test as a Measure of Ambulation in Multiple Sclerosis (poster)

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